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If your dog or cat needs vaccinations, surgery or check-ups, call the Animal Doctors you can trust at 612-729-2374!

DentistryCat Teeth Cleaning

At East Lake Animal Clinic, P.A., we serve Minneapolis' Longfellow-Hiawatha neighborhood with pet dental care services. This includes routine cleaning, periodontal care, extractions, root canals and oral surgery. Don't neglect your dog or cat's dental care as it is an important part in the overall health of your pet.


Does your dog need an X-ray? We will diagnose your pet's problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. Whether your cat or dog needs an ultrasound, blood pressure test, or EKG, we have the latest technology to perform these diagnostic tests. We even have an in-house laboratory. Call us today!


Geriatric pets can develop many of the same problems seen in older people. At East Lake Animal Clinic, P.A., we provide targeted age-appropriate screening and management of geriatric disease. In all cases, the guiding principle is the level of care most appropriate for the individual patient.Vet Holding Cat and Dog


If your dog or cat needs healthy animal consulting, call us at East Lake Animal Clinic, P.A. in Minneapolis, MN. We specialize in nutritional consulting including obesity management and prescription diets. We will treat your pet as one of our own.


We provide orthopedic care for all aged dogs and cats. We treat congenital and traumatic injuries to soft tissue, joints, and bones, provide arthritis management, lameness and more. Trust our experienced and caring staff for the quality services you deserve at reasonable rates.

Preventive Health Care

Is it time for your pet's wellness checkup? Does your dog need vaccinations? At East Lake Animal Clinic, P.A., we understand the importance of preventative health care. We offer health screening exams and laboratory screenings for all ages. Our licensed veterinarians can advise you of preventive and therapeutic programs for all parasites.


We provide soft tissue, spay, neutering and orthopedic surgeries of nearly all types at our office in Minneapolis, MN. Our staff doctors and specialists routinely perform pre-surgical evaluations and our Certified Veterinary Technicians provide attentive monitoring. Depend on East Lake Animal Clinic, P.A. to take care of your beloved pet.

Woman With Healthy DogDermatology

Our professional staff also specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders such as allergies, ear problems, parasites, tumors and autoimmune diseases. Call our veterinary hospital today at 612-729-2374 for a convenient appointment.

Internal Medicine

Since 1973, East Lake Animal Clinic, P.A. has been providing individualized veterinary services throughout the Longfellow-Hiawatha neighborhood. Our in-house and referral laboratories and all diagnostic modalities are used as needed to diagnose and treat metabolic, endocrine, inflammatory and infectious diseases. We value the trust and mutual respect of each of our clients, so contact us today.

Call East Lake Animal Clinic, P.A. in Minneapolis MN at 612-729-2374.

Service Areas Include: Minneapolis MN, Longfellow MN, Hiawatha MN